Between Horizons OUT NOW!

April 5, 2024 by Julian

Between Horizons was released on PC (Steam and GOG) on March 25, 2024! The free demo is now also available on both platforms. Console ports are already in the works and will be coming later this year.

It took us a while to finally get this post out as we've been busy with the release and some patches. Just in the first week, the game received close to 100 Steam reviews totaling a Very Positive (91%) rating.

Thank you all so much for your feedback, both positive and critical, and all the support over the past three years! We really hope you enjoy your journey on the Zephyr. Please share your thoughts our our Discord server, or the Steam forums. Last but not least, please leave a review if you enjoy the game! It's the single biggest thing you can do to support us (or any indie studio).

As for what's next besides the console ports, we can't tell you just yet. Follow our channels and/or newsletter to stay in the loop!