Summer 2023 Community Update!

February 26, 2024 by Julian

Hey, everybody!

You may have noticed that we haven't shared much about ourselves or our work on Between Horizons over the last year or so. Time to bring you up to speed!

🎮 New demo at gamescom 🎮

In spring of this year, we released a demo of our upcoming sci-fi detective adventure Between Horizons. Despite its favorable reception, we pulled it again about three months later for a number of reasons. Today, we are excited to announce that a completely revamped demo is coming to gamescom! You can find it in two places in Hall 10.2: the Indie Arena Booth as well as the GameUp!/saaris booth (E020g - D021g). Come check it out!

(Don't fret if you can't make it, the new demo is coming to Steam a little later.)


🩸 Unburied Kickstarter 🩸

We recently announced our plan to join forces with legendary pixel artist 6VCR to delve into the genre of survival horror together. We are extremely excited about this project, but it has no clear timeline right now as it massively depends on the response to the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. If you want to see it come to life, please follow the campaign or sign up for a one-time e-mail and help us spread the word!


🎧 Lacuna Lo-Fi 🎧

To celebrate Lacuna's second anniversary, we released a free mini album titled Lacuna Lo-Fi, a chill remix of select tracks from the Lacuna soundtrack. You can find it on Steam, YouTube, and most streaming platforms!


🎻 Lacuna in concert 🎻

Earlier this summer, a medley of the Lacuna soundtrack was featured in a video game soundtrack concert at Saarländisches Staatstheater. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you so much, Saarländisches Staatsorchester, Yannick Süß from HippoScore, and everybody else who helped make this possible! A full recording of the concert will air September 27 on Saarländischer Rundfunk. Check our Twitter or Instagram for a tiny sneak peek!


DigiTales co-founders Julian and Jasmin on stage with the orchestra

🏢 New office 🏢

Believe it or not, we recently moved for the fourth time in less than four years. We swear this is the last time for a while now, as the new location is everything we could ask for. It's a very central place in Saarbrücken and just two floors underneath some good indie friends that moved in with us. Check out our break room!


❓ The future ❓

These are the major developments of the past few months that we can speak on for now. We still don't know when exactly Between Horizons will be released, but we continue to aim for late 2023.

As for our plans beyond that, we currently have multiple projects lined up that may (or may not) be realized sequentially or concurrently starting this winter. We had more concrete plans already, but the federal games funding program being cut over night threw a massive wrench in the works.

We look forward to meeting everyone at gamescom. If you can't make it there, stay tuned for the demo release on Steam this fall!

Best, The DigiTales team

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